About us

Together with more than 100 highly motivated and long-term employees, we are constantly developing, testing and producing innovative solutions for our customers in our own production departments. The passion for safe, steadfast and reliable products is the reason why we have been concentrating on the hydraulic cylinders since 1973. That’s exactly when the history of “Kirkovo Ltd” begins…


During this period, “Kirkovo Ltd” produces mainly pneumatic products. Until 1993, the establishment was part of DSO “Hydraulics”, which at that time was owned by the state.


Since May 1993 “Kirkovo Ltd” has become an independent establishment.

1996- ∞

Since 1996, the establishment has been privatized.

In recent years, the company’s production is oriented mainly toward the international market, but meanwhile the company fulfills orders for Bulgarian companies as well. “Kirkovo Ltd” is the main supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic components of leading manufacturers of electric and forklift machines, agricultural machinery, waste collection machines, cleaning machines, cranes and many others. We fulfill orders for Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, USA, Macedonia, Belgium and the Netherlands.



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